In the Works

Saviour – A Web Series


Everyone has demons to face. Not everyone survives them.

Saviour is a web series which follows the lives of five young adults, each struggling to cope with their own personal torments. The series will utilise movement and physical theatre performance elements in order to explore how mental health is influenced on a day to day basis. The story begins with an ambiguous tragic ending and then continues by jumping back to a week earlier where the protagonists lives are dissected. An emotional journey ensues as the circumstances leading up to a life cut short are pieced together.

Created by GradCo.Studio, this project will be directed by Adam Golledge (A Boy Like Me, The Frog and Toad) and will be starring Charlotte Day, Jake Ludlow, Jayden Muir, Josie Waller and Simon Thomson.

The Importance of Bogan Ernest – A Radio Play

“This year has been non-stop for those of us working on what we’ve affectionately named “The Flanno Series”. The first week of Sydney Fringe Festival saw audiences pour into the Emerging Artists Sharehouse to catch HANNAH, our Australian Bastardisation of Hamlet set in Western Sydney, and the feedback has been phenomenal. People commented on the performances, of course, but I also found I received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback about the colloquial script we wrote, the modern versions of the classic characters we created, and the way we pieced it all together. Overall it was a fantastic and rewarding experience, which reinforced my belief that our greatest strength as a company is devising work.
We closed HANNAH on Saturday 8th of September, and on Sunday the 9th I put out the call to the collaborative to begin our next project in The Flanno Series, The Importance of Being Earnest (or The Importance of Bogan Earnest), a radio play that will be released episodically as a podcast. 

Earnest will be set across rural NSW and Sydney, and will explore the parameters of how audio theatre can capture the listener’s imagination, with pace, humour, and a modern take on Wilde’s classic characters. We’re very excited to work within this somewhat lost, but powerful, medium of storytelling, and can’t wait to share it with you.” 
– Erin Louise Cotton, Director.